4 Social Media Mistakes To Avoid

Here at Boston Web Marketing, we help hundreds of clients get their social media initiatives back on track. These are key social media mistakes to avoid for avid social media users and company brands. If it seems like you have made some of these mishaps on your social media networks, call Boston Web Marketing today at (857-526-0096) to get your brand on the right track!

1)      Picking a Fight– Watching a fight on social media might be entertaining but to keep your audience and your dignity intact, never engage in fights on social media with anyone. Arguing with a customer will make your brand look bad. The best advice is to try to work out the issue with the customer and try to resolve their complaints. Demonstrating great customer service on social media for a company is key to letting other potential or returning customers see the value of your brand.

2)      Ignoring the Community– The failure to acknowledge or listen to your consumers, whether it’s good or bad feedback, in a sensible manner can hurt your brand significantly. Social media is a critical form of communication so invest in community outreach to oversee customer relationships and handle them correctly on social platforms.  It’s important to reply back to all questions and feedback from customers in a timely fashion.

3)      Sending out the Same Message across All Channels- A different quality of tone is needed on each different network. People pay attention to certain platforms to get certain types of experiences. For example, a message you add on Facebook shouldn’t always be the same as Twitter since Twitter has a limited amount of characteristics used and is best when using hashtags unlike Facebook. The message can be left the same but alter the content on each platform to suit a specific platform’s audience. Overall, creative content should be applied to all social media networks while taking into account of each platform’s viewers.

4)      Sharing “off-brand” Content– Some trouble companies run into is sharing off-topic or inappropriate content to their communities. While tempting to post up trending topics, your brand should stay away from doing so unless it relates back to your company’s product or brand. Be mindful to promote your company’s brand only in a positive light on all social media networks.

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