4 SEO Tips For 4th Of July

SEO & Marketing Tips For July 4th


Summer is in full swing as the coveted July 4th holiday is right around the corner! Whether you are celebrating the entire week, weekend, or just the day itself, it is an exciting and celebratory time! However, many need to remember that this fun-filled weekend is also a great time to maximize your digital marketing and SEO efforts. With many people seeking sales, help around their homes, catering, and more, this holiday is perfect for a variety of different businesses! To help you capitalize on July 4th while increasing your marketing efforts and strategy, the experts at Boston Web Marketing have compiled our top tips to boost your conversions this weekend!


Tips And Tricks To Make Your Business Stand Out On July 4th


Create Themed Content:


Branded content is critical to your daily marketing efforts. However, it is even more important during a national holiday! Content can come in various formats, including blogs, newsletters, social media, etc. We recommend bolstering this content centered around a July 4th team. This includes creating branded infographics, photos, and even video footage, if applicable.


Add Relevant Hashtags To Your Content:


While creating your July 4th content, developing and adding hashtags is essential, especially on social media platforms. Using keyword and hashtag research, you can find the correct words and vocabulary to help your content and posts gain maximum visibility. Once you have compiled a list of hashtags, implement them into your content and watch the leads come in!


Offer Your Services Or Product On Sale:


Whether you are months away from a holiday or two days from it, adding a sale to your site is a great way to encourage new and potential customers to purchase an item or service. If you are planning a sale on short notice, this creates an urgency within the public, giving the potential to generate fantastic sales. Be sure to market your sale on social media, your website, your newsletter, and any other platform where you can reach your target audience.


Continue The Marketing Efforts Even After The Holiday:


Continuing your marketing efforts even after July 4th is over is a great way to keep the momentum going. This includes extending your sale for another 24 to 48 hours, allowing a new set of potential customers the opportunity to see your presence and make a purchase.


Do You Need Help Developing Your Marketing Efforts This 4th Of July? Contact Boston Web Marketing!

If you want to improve your business’s search appearance with curated blogs, content writing, and social media optimization this July 4th and beyond, look no further than Boston Web Marketing. Our expert team provides search engine optimization services to industries from law offices to contractors to salons and everything else in between. Call us today at 857-526-0096 or fill out our contact form for more information. We look forward to working with you to increase your SEO this summer!

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