4 SEO mistakes you have probably made in your content strategy

The key to SEO is to optimize your business’s site and bring on more conversions and visitors. Your job is to produce the content that will deliver these results.

What happens when you miss essential elements that could be making the difference between an efficient content strategy vs one that is ineffective and is simply not working? Your business loses money and prospective customers. In order to optimize our strategy, it’s important to identify the most common mistakes that could be costing you the number one spot.

1. The first is ensuring that you have a thought out plan when it comes to your audience. Advertise your content, in 2016 its all about creating a buzz around the topic. Create excitement about what you post about, you can do this by creating value. Explain to your audience why you are different, why you are offering content your competition isn’t.  Once you’ve developed a value proposition that matters to your audience it will be no problem link building.

2. Are you using the right keywords? Every good marketer knows that keywords are a priority when it comes to your content marketing strategy.   This mistake will cost you and the reason why is because it is one of the easiest to fix. This all falls into targeting the keywords that your audience is most likely to search for.  It’s so easy there is a tool to do it for you. That tool is Google Adwords Keyword accessible to help you connect with your audience and gain data surrounding their searches   

3. Do not break your site, it may be inevitable to do so but it can be prevented. If you are moving content ensure that your pages are being redirected correctly using 301 redirects instead of 302. A 302 redirect is only temporary and implies that the move is only for a limited amount of time. This can be problematic as you would not want to lose all of the work you have placed on those pages. 

4. Make sure you are gathering data around your site. 


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