4 Public Relation Myths That are Not True

Whether you are looking for a Public Relations (PR) job or managing PR for your company, you’ve most likely come across stories about life in the PR Word. Before you jump into this industry, it is incredibly useful to know what is true and what is a myth. Here are some common PR misconceptions every business should know are not true.

  1. “Public Relations is all about the Spin”: There may have actually been a time when companies put out messages that misrepresented what was going on within a company; this is certainly not the case anymore. From the backlash towards the financial collapse to the social media surge; to investors and clients significant decrease in dealing with companies twisting their messages, PR groups are helping companies be as honest and truthful as possible.
  2. “You can rely on Guaranteed Coverage”: A reporter can agree on an interview, go through with the interview process, edit the clip, get it approved, schedule the interview for that week’s publication and there is still a chance it still not make it out. There is no such thing as “Guaranteed Coverage”. The best chance to get your interview published is building a strong relationship with reporters that are covering your company.
  3. “Any News is Good News”: Many people think that no matter the story, good or bad; making the news is a positive because it draws attention to your company. This is absolutely not true! Brands and businesses live or die by their reputations and a negative crisis or story can affect the company’s reputation for years.
  4. “Public Relations is mostly face-to-face interactions”: While face time is certainly a large part of PR, the industry isn’t all about face to face meetings. Public Relation pros are constantly in front of their computers writing, emailing, using social media, or working the phones and building relationships with customers and reporters. Much of this in-office work which is done behind the scenes and organizes the face-to-face interactions.

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