4 Press Release Writing Tips

4 Press Release Writing Tips

Press releases are an extremely crucial element when it comes to effectively advertising your brand, but only if it is well-crafted and accurately describes your brand’s story. The best press releases communicate both ideas and information, draw media interest, and prompts a follow-up for more detail.

Put together quality content by following the tips below.

Make it Press Worthy: Only write content if it is relevant and has a major human interest angle. Additionally, make sure the information is recent since you don’t want to be writing about old news.

Use an Attention Grabbing Headline: A majority of readers won’t make it past the headline if it isn’t catchy. Create a headline that will make people want to continue reading.

Incorporate Quotes: Sparingly quote people who were closest to the story. The proper amount of quotes can really impact your press release but be sure not to overdo it.

Have Supporting Evidence: It’s critical to link to relevant photos and videos that are related to your content. Provide as much information as necessary to complete your story.

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