4 Google Analytics Alerts You Want to Sign Up For

Taking Advantage of SEO Tools

Google Analytics is one of the best resources available to digital marketers to gain insight into how users are interacting with their website. Use our guide to learn about some of the most important features Google Analytics offers to make your job a little easier.

  1. Organic Search Decline– Google Analytics offers custom alerts for an overview of your SEO performance week-over-week. By opting into these notifications, you will be informed of any declines in traffic, if any, on your website from one week to the next. This is a great way to stay on top of your SEO performance without any effort on your end!
  2. Social Media Session Improvements– If user sessions on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, or Pinterest increase by 100 compared to the previous day, Google Analytics will notify you directly. This will help you stay on top of any significant post performances.
  3. 404 Page Increases– If you opt for these alerts, Google will notify you if and when the number of 404 error page visits increase. You want to keep these numbers to an absolute minimum so this is certainly one of the alert you should sign up for. SEO performance is only important if you’re able to give your users a website that is easy to use once they get onsite, therefore your hard work in achieving high search results could be wasted if users are getting an error.
  4. New Hostname Visits– If you are receiving a high amount of new hostname visits to your website, this is almost always spam and should be taken care of. Keeping your spam traffic to a minimum is the best way to make your website safer overall.

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