3 Ways to Prepare Your Business for the Holidays

Halloween is right around the corner, which means now is the time to start getting your website and social media ready for upcoming fall and winter holidays. If you expect to see a boost in website traffic, conversions, and sales for Halloween, it’s not too late! Make sure your online presence is ready by checking these factors:

Keeping important information consistent

Is your business’ correct name, phone number, and address available everywhere you have a presence or listing? Now is the best time to go through and make sure all of the information needed to contact or visit your business is correct in order to make it easier for harried customers rushing to get everything done to get in touch with you. A disconnected phone number, broken URL or incorrect street address can be enough for a potential customer to pick another company or store for their business. Go through each listing to make sure your information is correct and make any necessary changes for them to populate by the time holiday shopping kicks off.

Will you have special holiday hours?

If you are planning on having extended hours for the holiday season, it is important for them to be readily available on your website and social media for customers searching for specific items or services. If you know you have upcoming special hours for the holiday season, create graphics, landing pages and begin preparing newsletter campaigns now. While you can wait until just before the start of your new hours to send out the campaign, getting organized now will allow you to stay calm and pay attention to other details as you prepare for the holidays. Posting your updated hours across your online platforms will also give potential customers an idea of when you are open, preventing negative experiences and online reviews.

Schedule social media and make website updates in advance

Scheduling out posts ahead of time can be a major timesaver: rather than making time to drop everything to type out a post for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Google My Business, you can create holiday-specific posts and schedule them ahead of time using a tool like Hootsuite, or even Facebook’s very own scheduling feature. You can schedule posts out a week or even a month in advance to free up that extra time to focus on other details. If you have created holiday-specific pages and other content for your website, set a date to push them live. Make sure all necessary steps, including metadata, alt text, and URL redirects, are created and set to go live with the pages for maximum efficiency and accessibility.

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