3 Ways to Optimize Your FAQ Page

The FAQ page is an extremely useful tool to teach visitors about your business, answering the most common questions, and streamlining the process of answering questions for both you and your website users. This page is not only for answering common questions, but it can also be optimized for search engines to help direct your customers around your site. 

1. Monitor What People are Searching for

It’s important to keep track of what questions your potential customers are asking in order to ensure your FAQ page is useful. There are a few ways you can accomplish this: You can download a WordPress plugin that monitors your website’s most commonly asked questions and determines which areas of your website seem to be the most confusing for visitors. You can also use a Google Analytics feature that manages information about your visitors’ most common questions. This also helps visitors continue to move through the buying or scheduling process quicker. You can also go directly to Google and use its predictive search feature to see queries users search relating to you industry or specific topic. 

2.  Add Internal Links

You may not have thought of it, but internal links on your FAQ page can be beneficial for not only SEO purposes, but to help move your customers through the website and toward a conversion. If your customers have a common question about a specific product or part of your business, it can be helpful to link the page about the topic or product. This can be another way to encourage users to click through the site.

3. Utilize FAQ Schema

FAQ schema makes your FAQ page easier to read for search engines, and helps it stand out when potential customers search for answers to questions about your business or industry. There is a specific type of schema created just for FAQ that you can utilize. This may allow the content to be eligible for rich snippets, allowing your users to have their questions answered directly on the search results page. This tactic can also help your business take up more space on the search results page.

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