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3 Ways to Optimize Your Blog for the Holidays

The Holiday season brings with it potential for a spike in traffic, sessions, and conversions. Starting now until after the New Year, you as a business owner with an online presence have the potential to utilize this season for better ranking. The holiday season is a time where everyone is searching for similar things, and popular keywords are pretty easy to pick out. The holidays can be a great time to utilize and optimize your blog in order to pop up for a greater variety of search queries. Here, we outline how to better utilize your blog throughout the 2021 holiday season! 


Improve Your Blog Page

One of the best ways to figure out what needs to be improved for your blog is to experience it like a customer. Test the website on various platforms and devices, figure out what frustrates you the most and what motivates you to leave the site. This includes testing things such as mobile friendliness, page loading speed, proper layout, text size, etc. These are all issues that can quickly be found on Google Search Console and can easily be fixed if caught. Contact us today to learn more about improving your website pages! 

Holiday-Focused Content

Your readers have shifted their focus. If you notice a strange decline in traffic during the holiday season, this is why! Your readers and customers are beginning to shop differently and search for seasonal content. You, in order to adequately take advantage of this, need to shift your content with them. Begin posting blogs that incorporate more holiday content, including keywords, meal ideas, gift options, etc. 

When it comes to different blog options, you can utilize both holiday-themed and end-of-the-year themed content. This includes holiday activities, recipes, gift ideas, and tips for seasonal difficulties. End-of-the-year content includes summarizing what your business accomplished that year, predicting next year’s trends within your industry, and lists of your favorite blogs over that year. When in doubt, list posts are always a great way to gain the attention of your readers. 

Write Shorter Posts

This time more than ever your readers are more focused and less interested in longer content. Scrolling through social media or search engine results pages can be overwhelming and it is easier to go to the website with straightforward content. So give them what they want. Creating short and sweet content that prompts your readers to return is one of the best ways to optimize the holiday seasons and prolong them. A special, holiday-themed series can drive steady traffic to your blog through Chanukah, Christmas, and the New Year. In addition to this, teasing your next post at the end of each is a great way to utilize the holiday buzz and build a long-term audience.

Contact Boston Web Marketing 

At Boston Web Marketing, one of our specialties includes creating blog content for our clients. We understand the factors that make a strong blog post, including H-tag optimization and anchor text. We also understand what not to do in order to avoid penalization, including keyword stuffing and duplicate content. So contact us and let us do the work for you. 

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