3 Ways to Make Instagram More Effective for Your Business

Instagram is one of the biggest social networks currently in use, with over half a billion active users checking the platform daily. The visual platform is ideal for businesses looking to reach customers in need of specific products or services and may want to see it in action before purchasing. In recent months Instagram has taken measures to make it easier for businesses to use and grow, including the addition of product tags, profile links and shopping stories.  There are a number of ways your business can optimize your Instagram for customer outreach and sales, including some you might not have thought of yet! Follow these steps to develop a winning Instagram strategy!

Determine the features best for your company

There are so many features available for Instagram, and not each one will benefit your business the way you need. It’s important to try out different features to see what works and what does not. For example, Instagram Stories are an effective way to promote your products and services, but only have a short lifespan (24 hours). While posting Stories when your followers are the most active helps your interaction and the effectiveness, you may want to reserve Promoted Stories, which go out past your followers to users who have shown interest in similar pages, for a new product launch or seasonal services.

Making your content creatively stand out

The way Instagram is designed is a flow of content, showing one full post as the user scrolls down a mobile device. In order to make sure your posts stand out, you will need to be imaginative with how you create your content and write your captions while also making your brand seem personable to the user. This can take some effort depending on if the muse strikes or how creative you are feeling that day. If your brand creates content in advance, leave some time open to consider the type of posts you’d like to create and how you want your audience to feel.

Choosing your hashtags

With the sheer amount of content added to Instagram every minute, including hashtags in your posts will make them easily visible to users looking for similar posts, businesses or products. Hashtags are clickable tags that can take you to an entire gallery of images with the same tag. Users can also follow specific hashtags, making it easy to see a relevant feed of images that match their interest. Up to 30 hashtags can be used per post. In order to determine the best tags with the most reach for your business, perform some research on different tags to see average follower count and engagement for posts. Each tag should be short, catchy and easy to remember for your followers.

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