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3 Ways to Keep Your Site’s Local SEO Momentum Going

Has your website been around for awhile? Has your SEO momentum begun to slow down, even though you believe you’re practicing all the right white hat SEO tactics?

There are a few steps you can take to regain some of that momentum. Even if you continue to produce out blogs each week, your search rankings may still seem frozen. Below are three ways to reignite your site’s SEO!

Update Your Website’s Current Content

Even if your home page has a perfect harmony of engaging, keyword-rich content, perfect alt tags and meta descriptions, there’s still room for improvement. There’s an SEO school of thought that theorizes that recently-updated web pages achieve higher page rankings than pages that haven’t been updated in awhile. If you’re an SEO rep, you may have noticed this, as a website that you just launched may already be ranking first for all relevant searches, while a client you’ve had for years may be slipping in search rankings.

Therefore, if you believe your site’s SEO is kind of at a standstill, take some time one day to update the content on the website. Even if it’s just adding a new paragraph to your key web pages, it will prompt Google into crawling it again, which may lead to improved search rankings.

Optimize Your Google My Business Page

If you have the ability to look at your web traffic from several years ago and compare it to today’s traffic, you may have noticed mobile traffic overtaking desktop traffic at some point. To capitalize on the evolving behavior of web users, make sure your Google My Business page is optimized to its fullest extent. This entails making sure your business has the proper categories, accurate information (phone number, address, etc…) and encouraging customers to leave reviews in Google.

Combined, these will affect your ranking in Google Maps, which serves mobile users as the easiest way to find businesses in your area. Responding to reviews, in theory, should also help optimize your Maps ranking as well.

Check to See if Your Information is Accurate on Listing Sites

While it’s important to continue adding listings, even years after your site’s launched, it’s equally important to make sure the information in these directories is accurate. For example, if you added your business to the listing site City Squares four years ago, there’s a chance that page needs to be updated. Maybe your business moved, or its telephone number changed. Any change like this warrants a concerted effort on your part to revisit these listings and update any information that may be incorrect.


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