3 Ways to Improve Your “Service” Pages for Better SEO

“Service” pages are some of the most important pages on your website simply because they show your website’s visitors the services your business provides. For SEO purposes, it is important to have separate pages for each of your services. This will allow you to explain each service to the fullest and incorporate as much detail as possible. Fully optimizing each “service” page will give your business a greater chance of showing up higher on Google search results. Here are some elements you should include in each of your “service” pages to optimize them fully. 

Add Call to Actions

While writing your “service” pages it is important to explain how that particular service would benefit people. You want them to read it and think “huh, I think I could use this service.” This thought is likely to pop in many people’s heads as they read and you want to give them a way to contact you right away while that thought is still in their head. You can do this by adding a Call to Action button on each page. 

If there is no Call to Action button, it is likely that the person reading will not always take the next step to contact your business. Create buttons such as “Call Now”, “Get Directions”, “Inquire Now”, etc. If people see these while they have the thought in their head that they want your service, they are likely to take it a step further and reach out to your business. People love convenience, so it is important to make your website as convenient for people as possible. 

Include H-Tags

H-tags explain to Google and your reader what the content on the page is about. H-tags go from H1-H6. H1 is the main heading on the page and H2-H6 are tags for the subheadings. These make the content on the page organized and easy for people to read.

For example, on the page, we are in now the H1 tag is “3 Ways to Improve Your “Service” Pages for Better SEO.” The H2 tags are the subheadings that follow it such as “Add Call to Actions”, “Include H-Tags”, and Add Internal Links.” These subheadings help break up the content so it is easier to read. If we were to add an H3 tag on this page I would be adding another subheader under the H2 tags and so on. 

H-Tags are important because they tell both you and Google what you are about to read on each page and each section. It is important to sometimes add keywords into H-tags so Google can recognize those keywords and rank your website for them. For example, if you provide services in Boston, include “in Boston” in your H-tags. Now, when people search for your specific service in Boston your page will more than likely show up higher on Google search results. 

Add Internal Links

Add internal links within the content of your “service” pages. By adding internal links you are giving readers an easy way to find more information on other pages of your website as well as keeping people on your website longer. If your “service” pages are talking about the quality of service you provide, link a gallery page to that text so that people can actually see the quality services they would receive. People are less likely to go look for the gallery page on your website if the link was not already in the text they are reading. 

Contact Boston Web Marketing

Just by incorporating these three things into your “service” pages, your website has a much higher chance of ranking higher on Google search results. If you’re looking for a company to take care of your SEO for you, contact Boston Web Marketing! Our team specializes in improving search rankings and online conversions. Contact us at (857) 526-0096 or fill out a contact form.

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