3 Ways to Improve Paid & Organic Results

Searches, both organically and paid, have continued to evolve over the years, something webmasters have become all too familiar with. Once you’ve done the research to learn about these updates, what are some ways to maximize your value?

  1. Tradeoffs: Think about the cost and time you will need to put in to get your business and website to the top of organic search results. Then, compare that cost to AdWords; would it be beneficial to invest in both? Or maybe just one or the other? Be sure to evaluate your tradeoffs!
  2. Test the Waters: Test and experience with both paid and organic results. Go to the AdWords website, and test out some of your keywords; try to understand the click through and conversion rates, also check out the amount of competition each work has.
  3. Strategize with your Marketing Team: When you work with us, here at Boston Web Marketing, we can discuss both AdWords and Organic strategies; our SEO program will focus on the Organic results, and our SEM will focus on the AdWords portion of the results. Our team has experience in running both campaigns.

When doing any sort of web marketing, whether it is organically or paid, or maybe even both, it is important that you think like a customer; when you’re writing up blog posts and content, and even page titles and Meta descriptions, it is important to keep your clientele in mind. In other words, write in a way that helps your clients not only find you, but understand what you have to offer!

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