3 Ways to Generate Interesting Content for a Mundane Industry

Posting content regularly to your company’s blog can be a challenging task, and the situation is not made any easier if you work in a less-than-thrilling industry. The goal of a blog is to hook readers and convert them into sales leads, something that is not possible without compelling content.


Window screen replacements, residential fencing installations and general plumbing services might not sound too interesting, but with the right content marketing strategy there is virtually no limit on what you can write.


Here are a few ways you can generate interesting content for a mundane business:


  • Use tangential ideas. While you might think that you need to limit your writing strictly to your products and services, the truth is, this will put you at a real disadvantage. A company that does landscape design, for example, could have blog posts written about outdoor entertainment, landscaping ideas or even grilling tips. Open yourself up to tangential topics.
  • Tell engaging stories. Case studies can be an effective marketing tool if they are used correctly. Instead of just presenting the findings in a dry manner, present the data by crafting a story. When you tell a detailed story regarding the information in the case study, your target audience will be engaged both on an emotional and logical level.
  • Talk to industry leaders. Interviews are a great way to improve the content of your blog. Your audience will be interested in hearing from people at the top of their field, and you can get a lot of mileage depending on how wide-ranging the initial conversation is. You will also have the added benefit of networking with powerful individuals in your trade.


Publishing engaging original content is an essential part of search engine optimization as it plays a central role in creating backlinks and asserts your company’s authority as an industry leader. Writing for a boring industry can seem fairly challenging, but by utilizing the tips described above you can make the overall process smoother and less time-consuming.

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