3 Ways Email Can Boost SEO Results

While emails cannot directly impact search engine rankings, businesses both small and large can use email campaigns to further their SEO initiatives. Email marketing is a useful tool to keep your audience engaged and if done properly, it can also help boost your SEO results.

Here are 3 ways email can help your SEO initiatives:

  1. Encourage engagement from your audience. This can be achieved by creating a call to action within your email such as asking your reader to comment, share or connect.
  2. Promote your different channels using email. Link or attach your blog and social media accounts so that even though the content of your email may repeat itself, you are bringing users to fresh, new content and engaging with them on a different platform.
  3. Great email newsletter content can and should be reused and repurposed as blog content. This would not be considered duplicate content since Google does not read or index email content. This is a great strategy because it allows non-subscribers to fresh new content but also because it gives you more quality content to rank for!

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