3 Types of Content That Will Always Fail

There are millions of blog posts being published so you want to make sure your blog makes it to the top. That is still a big topic to analyze but we can discuss the types of content that will turn people off.

  • If your content is boring, you can turn off your audience immediately. We are not saying that you need to write a masterpiece every time but you should think about your reader and step into their shoes to decide whether they are going to be interested in your content. A hook should be used in the header and tactics like storytelling, quotes, and data can be used to spice up your content.

  • Another way to turn off your readers is to discuss the content about yourself only. No readers will enjoy someone talks about themselves for 15 minutes or longer. Customers will want to see what value they will get after reading about your product or service.

  • As SEO becomes more important, writers might think the blog has to rank high on search engines using SEO tactics in order to get positive feedbacks. However, search engines are now about user experience so you should write content focusing on the people first not search engine bots.


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