3 Tips When Analyzing Competitors Websites

Competitor analysis is an integral part of understanding your industry’s landscape. By analyzing your competition, you can further develop your product or service, learn about what makes your target market tick, and optimize based on findings. For marketers, a great way to do this is to analyze your competitor’s websites. As a business, having a great website that converts is essential! It can often be the difference between a successful business and one that fails. Analyzing sites doesn’t have to be a bore. There are tips to fine-tune the process and set your website up for success. 

Content marketing is vital in 2021. A great way to analyze a competitor’s website is to look at what content they have. This, at the very least, can give you ideas for blogs and pages. If your competitor is outperforming you, there’s a good chance that they have a high-quality website with great UX (user experience) and call to action buttons that convert. Adopt ideas you like into your website do not become a chameleon. People want your business to be different, a topic to talk about with friends and family, when other companies zig, you zag. Finding the right balance is essential. If you copy your competitor’s website, chances are you’ll fall flat. 

Analyze Keywords

Keyword analysis – also called gap research, is the process of identifying keywords that your competitors rank for that you don’t. It’s a great chance to adjust your spending budget if you’re focusing on PPC or change your time spent on keywords if you’re going for SEO. If there’s a keyword that you want to jump in on, do it through research and decide if you believe it’ll have an ROI for your business. You’re paying with your time. A few great tools for analyzing competitors’ keywords are Moz Keyword Explorer and SEMRush. Think of the keywords you want to rank for as an investment. If done right, your website is being shown to new people! Part of that process is, analyzing. 

What Makes Their Site Unique?

Every website should be aesthetically pleasing and have unique traits about it. Start by looking at the actual layout of the website. Is their CTA above the fold or below? How many pages do they have? Do the website’s colors accurately reflect the business’s branding? Does the website take you down a path to take a specific action? These are all questions that sound trivial, but they’re a massive difference between good and bad sites in the marketing world. Continue to analyze and optimize your competitor’s site. 

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Your website is an opportunity to grab consumer’s attention and differentiate yourself from everyone else. It’s an opportunity to tell your story and close sales, inquiries, etc. 

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