3 Tips to Get Found In Google’s Featured Snippets

Occasionally showing up at the very top of all Google search results, featured snippets (also known as the ‘answer box’) is Google’s way of delivering relevant information to users quickly. Being the first result on Google is a dream for digital marketers and SEOs alike.


So how can you get your business to rank in the coveted featured snippets? Take a look at a few of these tips on how you can tweak your on page SEO tactics to increase your chances of showing up on featured snippets.


3 Tips For Showing Up in Featured Snippets

  1. Find keywords that have a good chance of getting you on the featured snippets. To do this effectively it is important that you are using a tool that allows you to track SERPs and find out what specific keywords have answer boxes. You can then start to tailor your content to mimic what the high ranking pages look like.
  2. Presenting data cleanly can give you a big leg up when it comes to trying to pages to populate the answer box. By adding ordered lists, unordered lists, data in tables, and headings in your content Google can decipher what information you are trying to show much easier. With easy to index data, you can only increase your chance of showing up in the featured snippet.
  3. Use Google search console to re-crawl your pages. By going and requesting indexing for your newly updated pages, there have been some instances of the content getting added to the answer box as soon as the same day the pages were reindexed.


Answer boxes are the next big thing that SEOs are trying to tailor content towards. While Google is still tweaking what exactly allows certain pages to rank in the featured snippet, by following these tips it’s possible you can find your way into the answer box and drive more traffic!


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