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3 Tips for Writing Quality Content

A common stigma is associated with content creation: the more text, the better. While Google does not fancy thin content, “skyscraper content” is rarely an influencing factor for consumer purchase decision either. Even if the website traffic jumps to the roof, at the end of the day, conversions and sales are the goals. To make your content more convincing and better organized, the go-to tips below are proven techniques to improve readability and make your website’s copy stand out.

Spice Up Boring Topics

Not all topics are interesting to read or write about. That’s when as a content manager you should think about the tone more than ever. Practice your creative writing by using vivid yet simple sentences, but try not to dumb it down. Think about adding multimedia if it helps explain or showcase the complexity of a product or service you’re writing about. For example, if you’re writing a how-to kind of content, think about adding step-by-step images. Or, if you have an opportunity to invest in video creation, your content may go viral.

Say More with Less

Skyscraper content thrives on high word count. Instead of articulating things that can go without saying, practice concision. Fewer, but more carefully selected words are often enough to explain something. Lately, there have been studies, claiming that year over year people’s attention span has been getting shorter. If people don’t read as much anymore, it might be tougher to get them to consume your content. Think about writing in shorter paragraphs and bullet points, to make the copy appear lighter.

Be a Reader

The best practice is to put yourself in a reader’s shoes. Break down information into an outline that is easy to understand and remember. Give potential customers a reason to buy a product or service by using examples, tables, and multimedia of any sorts. Keep a paragraph format and write short sentences, this type of copy is more convincing as it can be read faster.

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