3 Tips for Writing Catchy, Memorable Ads

So you’re looking to boost your web traffic and overall conversion rate. Running a paid ad campaign is a great way to get your website, products and services in front of new eyes, but you need to make sure you stand out enough for users to click on the ad and engage with your website! Try the following tips to create ads that will stand out to viewers and encourage interaction with your content.

Make Your Ads Visually Interesting

While the bulk of your online ads may be text-only, there are several platforms you can use to create visually appealing ads that can quickly stick with the visitor. Bing offers Multi-Image Extensions on ads, showing up to five images when an advertisement is placed in the top of the page. These images link back to your website. Ads run on Facebook and Instagram involve visual elements that can include limited text, based on platform guidelines. If you are only running text ads, don’t fret! There are ways you can make your text ads pop out using creative phrases that catch the user’s eye. If you are promoting a seasonal product or service, use your words to make the user think of the not-far-off weather change. The word count and character limits put restrictions on just how much you can say to get the customer to click, but still allows for the use of phrases like “first autumn breeze” and “blast of heat” to get your point across.

Put Your Current Deal First

Are you offering a special discount on your website for purchases or newsletter signups? Make sure that is clearly stated in your ad and on its landing page. Make sure your deal is relevant to your business and the goals of the campaign. In order to make the deal stand out, include an extension that concisely lists the key points, such as percentages and the expiration date. This will also include a link back to your landing page, where the user will be able to claim the deal.

Write Copy for Your Audience

You have an idea of who your target audience is. Instead of running ads in front of people you know will not be looking for your product, narrow the field down with a targeted campaign dedicated to your audience. This can include people who have visited your website before or who have expressed interest in your field previously. Targeting the correct audience can lead to higher clickthrough rates and increased conversions throughout your campaign.


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