3 Things You Need to Consider When Building a Website

Building a website is getting easier than before with different content management systems (CMS) available to use to build a website. From WordPress, Joomla to drag and drop CMS like Weebly and Wix, there are more and more people using these platforms to build their company’s websites.

So here comes the big question, what is the first step?

User Experience

The user experience of a website refers to the easiness of a person browsing the website. There are many things that you can use to improve the user experience, such as an attractive call to action. A call to action is generally a button that people can click on and brings them to a landing page or a clickable phone number. Using bullets can also improve the user experience of a website as they tend to separate paragraphs of content for users to read easily.


Website speed is a huge factor in terms of building your website. People today are browsing more on their phones than on their computers. They expect 1-2 seconds of load time and if your site is loading very slow, it could result in high bounce rates. Thus, it is now a must to have a responsive site that will be responsive on a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Quality Content

Last, you must have quality content on the website in order to boost your ranking on Google searches. Launching a blog is a great way to consistently generate content on your website. Post 2 blog post per week and you will have more than 100 posts by the end of your first year.

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