3 Things You Must Be Doing As An SEO Professional

If you’re working in the SEO field, you should have a solid understanding of the trade and be able to communicate that understanding to your clients in a clear and concise manner. Sometimes, clients don’t quite understand the ins and outs of SEO or what it does for their brand, exactly. In order to be better SEOs and service our clients with expert knowledge, there are some things you should be doing as a professional. Take a look at our list of recommendations below…


Make Sure Clients Own Their Properties, Data, and Content


A big problem seen over and over in the SEO field is that marketing agencies will set up all assets and accounts pertaining to SEO under their own work accounts as opposed to their clients’. These include things such as Google Analytics, social media profiles, hosting accounts, and domain registrations. If clients don’t have access to these assets, it can pose a pretty big risk for them. Without access to these accounts, clients may have to start aspects of their digital brands all over again. This is certainly not ideal, so be sure to set up all accounts for your client in their name and ensure they have full access.


Don’t Put Clients at Risk


Traffic rises and falls all the time, which is why as SEOs we are constantly evaluating risk vs. reward. This rings especially true for web optimization, seeing as algorithms change at a constant clip. Just think, strategies that were heralded just a few years ago might get your site penalized today. Good SEO tactics go beyond simple algorithm changes too. By utilizing white-hat SEO, you’re creating a sustainable foundation for future marketing efforts. You should never be applying black-hat SEO tactics to any marketing endeavors for your client, ever. You’re going to have times when your client suggests doing something you know is a bad idea, so it’s up to you as the professional to not put them at risk and inform them how another approach could work better.


Be Transparent


It’s important to let your client know how they are performing on the web. If you leave your client relatively uninformed about much of what you’re doing for them, it doesn’t foster good will in them as a client and will likely make them confused. If you want to help your client have a long-lasting impact on the net, you must communicate with them. By explaining the many aspects of SEO, you’re showing them why you’re a necessary piece of their online marketing puzzle. Keeping them in the dark about the process might lead them to think that you aren’t necessary, or that they can go about doing SEO all by themselves. It’s up to you to let them know just how much goes into their online marketing strategy.


If you aren’t doing all three of the above-mentioned things, please get started. If you’re new to the SEO field, take these points as vital facets of your position. A lot goes into being a good SEO, but don’t let the mad rush on the job keep you from communicating with your clients. You’re there for them, and they deserve to know what their money is getting them.

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