3 Things to Do to Increase Your Domain Authority

Your domain is critical to your SEO strategy: oftentimes, it’s the first thing a customer will see. Domain authority is also a key ranking factor, helping to boost your appearance in search engine results while giving your brand a stronger sense of knowledge and experience in your field. Knowing your website’s domain authority can help determine your strategy moving forward, especially in terms of how to improve it. Follow these steps to increase confidence in your brand and build your online reach.

Look at Your Current Rankings

Before you can figure out where your problem lies, you’ll need to see where your pages are currently ranking. You can perform manual searches on Google and Bing to see where you are currently showing up for your top keywords and locations, or use a tool available online to have your ranks checked automatically.

Perform Research on Your Competition

Look at your competitor’s online presence, from their service pages and blogs to their appearance on listing sites. Look at all of the information available both through your investigative searches and online tools available to compare domains. SEO audit sites often have features available to run two sites side by side to compare and contrast strategy, metadata, tags and the amount of text and keywords used to get the point across. You’ll also be able to see what topics they are writing about and see if there’s an opening for your site to fill in gaps in your area of expertise. For example, if you are working on a blog for a roofer, you will want to make sure to have plenty of content devoted to the key business found in roofing: repairs, replacement, and general maintenance. However, there are several types of roofs available on buildings. If your competition is focusing solely on residential roofing, write content about your services working on flat roofing systems and commercial roofing to make sure you appear higher in search results. You can use this strategy to apply to content and social media.

Add Internal Links to Your Content

As your site has grown, you’ve been able to include content across your services in order to make sure your potential customers know that you are an expert in your field. If you have older content that is still ranking, go through and make sure proper text is linked to corresponding blogs and page content to keep users on your site, decreasing your bounce rate.

While there is a lot that can be done to improve your domain authority, starting with the proper research is key to a successful followthrough campaign. Contact us to learn more about our reputation management services today!

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