3 Tactics Lawyers are Using to Find Success on Social Media

There are many misconceptions that business professionals have about social media, that prevent them from posting or even having a profile to begin with. Even if they are convinced to expand their online presence, they often make due with just a LinkedIn account. Although Linked should be a part of your social media presence, it should not be the only social platform you manage.

Many industries are guilty of this mindset, especially lawyers. But recently, certain lawyers have discovered the benefits of being active on several social media accounts. Read on to see how they have found success promoting their law business on social media. Their tactics can be used by many different industries.

In 2015 a survey showed that only 22% of law firms maintained a blog on their website. This figure jumped by 4% in 2016, which shows that more firms are jumping on the blogging bandwagon. One important point that they make when blogging, is that people want to read something interesting and not just a statement about a case. Which is why they use blogging as more of a storytelling platform which reflects on their experiences. Then they use social media to promote their blog and drive traffic to their website.

Industry Thought Leaders
Many people get their news from social media, and these lawyers are no different. These lawyers are using social media to comment and share on news in their industry and in their area of business. Sharing local content may encourage other businesses to seek your services, should they need legal help one day. It’s also a great way to gather content ideas and feedback for future blog posts.

Another way these lawyers are succeeding at social media, is by using trending hashtags with their posts. Hashtags are a great way to engage with right people, and not just the general public. During the Eric Gartner protests, the hashtag #ShutItDown became popular. Lawyers used this hashtag within posts that offered legal services to those who were arrested during the protests.

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