3 Social Media Trends for 2016

Social media trends seem to change continuously throughout the years but quality over quantity will always ring true in public relations. It will be more important for brands to focus on communicating with its consumers rather than being focused on the brand message for social media in 2016. Now is the time to really understand our consumers since 2016 will provide brands a real opportunity to create consumer-driven content and brand affinity with these tips below!

Channel Building- Being on multiple channels is nothing new to brands however the content strategy isn’t working. Cross-promoting the same content over all platforms using the copy-paste model is not good enough anymore for 2016, brands now need to switch up the model for each channel so it speaks to those audiences differently.

Live Streaming- It is proven that video content on social media is more engaging to users. Brands are starting to use videos for customer service outreach and to show potential consumers their personality. New applications like Facebook “live” option will allow brands to engage with their consumers on a new level in 2016.  By streaming activities like attending a trade show to hosting a grand opening, or a CEO giving keynotes to the company, will give your target audience a real look into your company’s brand and motto. It’s all about relevancy, if the content is relevant the audience will consume it.

Influencer Marketing- 25% of all branded search results is user generated content so Influencers, brand advocates, and even employees are talking about your brand on the internet. Find out more on how to use influencer marketing for your benefit on our blog pages here or here. Social media can be considered a live focus group where you can get to know who’s talking about your brand and build new relationships.

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