3 Social Media Strategies You Need to Stop Doing in 2018

Are you using the same social media strategies that could be as old as when Facebook was found? Do you continue to use them even if you don’t see any measurable success? Let’s explore what not to do.


1. Only Posting Links

In the past, many social media managers have only posted links to their own content or website on their social media. Well, we are not encouraging you to stop posting links back to your own website on social media. In fact, you should be posting them. However, you can also post to other websites and social media pages.

2. Pitch Immediately After Gaining a Follower

If you followed someone and they followed you back, great, you got a new follower. However, it would be a very bad practice to send a pitch message immediately after gaining that follower. Make sure to build relationships using social media and try to convert followers into a lead.

3. Following Everyone to Gain Followers

This is a very common practice on platforms like Instagram and Twitter. People do this because they will get followers and thus help them to look more social. However, users these days are very aware of this strategy and that shows when there is very little engagement on your platform. So follow these 6 proven useful tips to get more social media followers.

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