3 SEO Words You Should Put Less Emphasis On in 2018

It’s 2018, and with the SEO industry consistently changing, it’s time to delete some of the SEO words that have been overused and overvalued.

1. SEO

In case you were wondering what is the most used word in SEO, it’s an obvious word, the word SEO. The word SEO is not magic but many people have made it appear that way. Some business owners believe that by using SEO, their business will magically become number one on search results. SEO has only existed for 20 years but the way of doing SEO has changed significantly since 1997. In the early years, it was very easy to manipulate search results with link farming, keyword spamming, doorway pages, and other blackhat SEO practices. However, as the industry is getting smarter, what worked 5 years ago is not working today. So, it is important to stay updated with the SEO industry and avoid using the word SEO when explaining what SEO is.

2. RankBrain

RankBrain is a machine-learning artificial intelligence system that’s used to help process its search results. It is a very important ranking factor according to Google, however, because of the limited information released by Google, it is impossible to fully understand the system. Thus, few people that write about RankBrain understand RankBrain.

3. Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions have always played a big part in the development of SEO. However, Google is putting a lot of work on snippet generation and the most recent updates have extended the character limits from 160 characters to 230-320 characters. So, there could be a possibility in the future that Google will release a confirmation that says meta descriptions don’t matter anymore. However, you should continue to optimize your meta descriptions for now.


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