3 SEO Strategies for 2021

With Google and other platforms changing their algorithms and strategies, businesses’ priorities need to adapt as well. What was important for organic search a few years ago does not necessarily have as much of an emphasis now. With the first month of 2021 almost behind us, businesses should have a concrete SEO strategy for their website’s going forward. Here are three SEO strategies to focus on in 2021. 

Sites should be Mobile-Friendly

Back in 2019, Google started indexing the mobile version of sites before the desktop version. It is estimated that 73% of all Google searches will be conducted from mobile phones by 2025. This means that businesses need to focus on how “friendly” their sites are on mobile phones – including mobile responsiveness, information that is easy to find, and site speed. 

Images on your site will also need to be appropriately optimized. Google will focus on sites that allow users to make purchases by clicking on images. Be sure to use high-quality images with relevant titles and alt tags, and use them in your site map, so it is easier for Google to crawl. 

You can test your site’s mobile response with Google but plan to prioritize those improvements throughout the duration of 2021. 

Prioritize Featured Snippets

Featured snippets were first introduced in 2017, and they’re meant to help answer a user’s question quickly. They primarily include paragraphs of information, lists, or tables. Snippets are important to businesses because they gain a lot of traffic being the main result, without needing to be the first organic result. 

Be sure to look for opportunities with featured snippets – meaning search queries that don’t already have one. From there, add information to your pages that directly answer these queries. 

Focus on Search Intent

Search intent has been a focus of Google for a while. Instead of focusing specifically on the keywords themselves, Google learned to understand what a search query really meant. In 2021, secondary keywords are becoming more prevalent in search results.

For businesses, this places emphasis on content that includes both primary and secondary keywords. Similar to the idea of featured snippets, Google is prioritizing semantic search that answers questions about specific topics rather than keywords themselves. 

Make SEO a Priority in 2021 with Boston Web Marketing

These strategies are just the beginning of what to focus on for the new year. While they’re important now, they will become necessary within the next few years, so it’s essential to get ahead of the curve. Get in touch with Boston Web Marketing to start prioritizing your business goals today. 

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