3 SEO Concepts You Must Understand Before 2018 Arrives

In March 2017, Google rolled out the Fred update and it has been quiet ever since. In 2016, we saw the update of Penguin, Possum, as well as big changes to AdWords. However, Google has refocused on user experience on Google. That is why you need to understand these three important SEO concepts as we enter 2018.

1. Mobile-First Indexing

It is no longer a secret that having a mobile-friendly website is important in SEO. According to Google, more than 55% of web traffic now comes from mobile devices and it is expected to increase. However, mobile-friendly is not enough anymore, what you need is mobile-first. So, you need to prioritize your mobile SEO first versus desktop SEO.
Here are a few methods to improve your mobile SEO:

  • Check your website mobile friendliness on Google
  • Fix broken 404s and incorrect redirects,
  • Remove any unnecessary CSS and JavaScript
  • Delete any intrusive pop-ups


2. Featured Snippet

Google’s goal to provide users with short, fact-based answers to simple questions searched by users is fulfilled by featured snippets. Simple questions like “When is the next Celtics game?” or “How do I clean the kitchen countertop?” are often answered by featured snippets. These snippets allow the user’s question to be answered without the user ever clicking a link.

3. Virtual Assistants & Voice Search

The number of voice searches and virtual assistant searches is steadily increasing. This goes back to the need of mobile first and people’s need for a question to be answered quickly while on the go. People have already been asking Google “where’s the closest Italian restaurant?” when  looking for a restaurant to eat at for the night. So, it would not be a surprise if voice search assistants would be responsible for booking movie tickets and buying sports game tickets.
Here are some tips to optimize your content for voice search:

  • Claim your Google My Business page
  • Use long-tail keywords
  • Build out an FAQ section


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