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Google Search Algorithms

Search Engine Optimization is an ever-changing industry. Google Search Algorithms update frequency requires marketers to stay on top of the news in order to provide the best SEO services for their clients. While it is always good to receive news and details from official Google sources, some forums and blogs are also very resourceful thanks to hundreds of professionals and experts contributing to the platforms. At the same time, some SEO blogs are full of speculation and wrong information in order to confuse other marketers or promote bad SEO practice. It is very critical to follow only credible and good SEO blogs for the most accurate and updated news. The list below consists of some of the best blogs in the industry:

Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land has been one of the best and most credible sources for SEO professionals for several years. The contributors on this site are highly-skilled and experienced experts who have spent years on sharpening their knowledge on Google Search Engine. For that reason, all of the pieces on Search Engine Land are very deep, thoughtful and always worth a read or two. Search Engine land always up to date with Google’s latest update on the algorithms and how to optimize for them!

Moz Blog

If you do SEO, you must have heard of Moz. Moz is a SaaS company provides marketing software solutions. They have established a blog-style online community that attracts some of the best SEO specialists in the market and they constantly produce fresh and interesting content on best practices, algorithm updates, and must-know tips/tricks. It is free and very worth following! Google Algorithm updates can be tricky and Google does not tell website owners and SEO specialist exactly how to optimize for the updates that it puts out.

SEOBook Blog

SEOBook is another trustworthy name in terms of SEO knowledge. Similar to Moz and Search Engine Land, SEOBook comprises professionals and specialists who have spent years working on SEO and they are always eager to share their knowledge. The only thing is that they have a smaller database of contributors. That’s why SEOBook doesn’t introduce content as often and as much as Moz or Search Engine Land. Regardless, this is another news source you should follow.

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