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3 Reasons Why Your Blog Is Not Attracting Enough Readers

Did you know there are millions of blog posts published daily? Did you know the average number of words is 1054 words? As a result, a blog should be compelling and interesting for readers to read in a short period of time. However, you still need readers to follow your blog and get the results you wanted.

So here are 3 reasons why your blog is not getting enough followers as it should have:

1. No Compelling Hook

A compelling hook is required at the beginning of a blog in order to hook people reading the rest of the article. Here are some techniques that can help you make your content more interesting. The first option is storytelling, by using literary techniques such as building suspense, adding awkward pauses before connecting his story with the post topic draws readers to continue reading the story. Another technique to use is to add misdirections in the story, they will catch readers off guard and require them to pay attention. This is done through 2 unlikely comparisons or picking a contrarian viewpoint.

2. Freestyling instead of following proven formulas

Have you heard of the TV show, “Revenge“? It is focused on the protagonist seeking revenge on murderers of her father, so she pretends to be one of them and gains her revenge by killing them from the inside. This plot is not new because the famous book, “The Count of Monte Cristo” is telling the same story of a person who was wrongfully imprisoned and take revenge against the ones responsible.

3. No Unique Voice & Tone

Within a blog, a unique voice & tone is required for the readers to go on. For example, the tagline of Stone Brewing company, ” You’re not worthy.” is putting down customers but it is the 10th largest craft beer in the United States. Blog posts are not any different and standing out is key to a successful blog. In addition to that, adding the technique of pattern interrupting works as well. Imagine you are reading a list of blog posts and the title all follow the same format of capitalized letters until you see one that has only lowercase, the lowercase blog is most likely going to attract your attention the most.

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