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3 Reasons Why Your AdWords Campaign Might Not Be Working

There are many business owners who start using Google AdWords only to quit when they don’t see the conversions they were hoping to get. Chance are, that their competitors are still using it because they know how to use it properly and see value in its continued use. If a business owner is not savvy in this industry, using Google AdWords will be confusing & frustrating, causing them to quit early on. If you are struggling with Google AdWords, here are three common reasons for why your campaigns may be failing:

Short Tail Keywords
The biggest reason why AdWords might not be working for you is because there is too much focus on short tail keywords. Short tail keywords such as “women’s jeans” are high in competition and cost, and usually don’t have a high yield of conversions.

Instead, focus on more descriptive long tail keywords such as “blue True Religion Joey jeans”. There is less competition for these types of long tail keywords because they are so precisely defined. This lets you focus on your target audience instead of a broad one.

Bad Landing Pages
An important aspect to AdWords is where you send potential customers when they click on your ad. If you are sending them to your website, you want to be sure it is optimized to convert visitors into customers.

A good landing page can immediately explain what you are selling, matches exactly what the customer is looking for, and easy shows the customer the next steps to making a purchase. If your landing page cannot do all three of these thing, you are simply wasting your money.

On average, an AdWords campaign will have a conversion rate between .05% and 5%. When a customer sees your ad, visits your page, but then leaves, you have just wasted a click. By running retargeting campaigns, you can recover some of those lost clicks and increase your average conversion rate.

Google has six ways you can use remarketing:

• Standard Remarketing
• Dynamic Remarketing
• Remarketing for mobile apps
• Remarketing lists for search ads
• Video remarketing
• Email list remarketing

Google’s full remarketing guide.

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