3 Proven Content Types That are Effective in Lead Generation

As many businesses may find out, their blog is not helping them to convert their casual blog readers into leads. Could it be that your content is not appealing enough or the same content was created over and over? Another reason could be your readers just need a little push to make that final step. That’s why a little benefit would be beneficial to have people exchange their contact information.

Here are 3 Proven Content Types That are Effective in Lead Generation

1. Email Subscriptions

Business blogging has become an important section to have on your business website because according to Google Panda algorithm, having fresh content is an important factor in Google rankings. Blogging is not only beneficial in Google rankings, but also it could be a great way to educate your audience and convert them into leads.

Many of the websites now have a message “subscribe to our blog or sign up for a newsletter” on the right sidebar asking for people’s email addresses in exchange for sending them news and updates of the blog. It is a very effective way of turning casual blog readers to dedicated leads.

2. Free Trials

Imagine you just started a new business and there are no reviews on whether your product or service is worth it. Then, one way to spread the word of mouth is offering a free trial. It may sound unworthy for your business in the short term but when you have a base of loyal customers, then they will spread buzzes about your business in the long term.

It is important to provide a free trial with no obligation and no credit card required to assure people you are willing to offer a free trial.

3. How-to-Guides

As the trend of DIY is constantly growing, how to guides are getting more popular which include detailed explanations, visuals, and step-by-step instructions. It is generally a tutorial of teaching people what they didn’t know and would like to learn about. By having people exchanging their contact information for the digital guide, it proves to be effective in converting people into leads.

Email subscriptions, free trials, and how-to-guides are certainly effective content types that can generate leads. Also, it is crucial to keep in mind that, fresh and appealing content should be created regularly to keep your audience engaged.



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