3 Press Release Headline Examples to Avoid Using

Writing captivating headlines can be extremely difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. The headline needs to grab the reader’s attention and pique their curiosity to continue reading while simultaneously explaining the content of the article in a short concise sentence. Here are three press release headlines that you should try to avoid when giving your press release a title. Incorporating in your press release a strong title can increase both readership and exposure.

1.    Providing a Reason Why: You can find a number of ineffective headlines that will explain what the article is about without explaining why the reader should care about the content of the article.

What Not To Write: “Startup Receives $2 Billion in First Round Funding.”

What You Should Write: “$2 Billion Funding Round Will Help Start-up Secure New HQ.”

Reasoning: The difference is the information about what the start-up will be using the first round funding to purchase, not just the fact that they were able to secure the amount money but providing a reason for the reader to click on the link and continue reading.

2.    Lengthy Headline: The reason why you may find headlines to be too long and drawn out is because of how much information is being crammed into the headline. The trick is not giving too much away too early.

What Not to Write: “Popular Cereal Brand Launches New Eco-Friendly Boxes to Be Shipped with New Gluten Free Cereal Early Next Year.”

What You Should Write: “Popular Cereal Brand Introducing Eco-Friendly Boxes.”

Reasoning: If too much information is introduced in the headline that would give less of a reason for the reader to actually read the entire news release. Also in terms of SEO, Google will only display 60 characters of your title.

3.    Lack of Detail: Headlines should have enough detail that readers should be enticed to continue reading. Implementing statistics, useful numbers and more information in your headline can entice readers to click the link to read more.

What Not to Write: “Retailer launches New Clothing Line.”

What You Should Write: “Jack’s Sports Launches New Heat Tech Clothing Line Early Next Year.”

Reasoning: The Name of the retailer is mentioned along with details of what type of clothing line     they are releasing or what is unique about the clothing line. The first example doesn’t give much     information about what is being launched and who is launching it.

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