3 Online Marketing Strategies Every Law Firm Should Implement

The online landscape for law firms when it comes to marketing can be intense. Law firms from an objective standpoint tend to offer very similar services, making distinguishing yourself from the competition difficult. Keeping a law firm at the top of the SERP is more complex than ever, meaning that proper time and effort will need to be put into making your campaign successful.

That being said, you don’t want to invest your time into strategies that may not be as relevant to your field. Other strategies like citations, building backlinks, and more aren’t necessarily the best for the legal space, and it’s better to focus on the ones that are. Here are 3 of the best online marketing strategies that law firms should be implementing.

Acquire Reviews

Reviews are essential for any service business, whether it be a restaurant, a marketing firm, or a contracting service. Law firms are no exception. Reputation is key, and you want that to be communicated in the form of reviews and testimonials that can be easily found online. Typically when people are searching for a marketing firm, they are in a desperate situation, whether it be a sudden divorce, or they are caught in a case where they have to prove their innocence. Having reviews readily available helps put their worries at ease, and reach for a consultation. The more positive review you have, the more reinforcement they’ll have.

Strive to get your review in multiple places, including your website, Google profile, and Facebook profile, as well as any law-specific websites for publicity.

Optimize Their Website

Like any other industry, you have to make sure your clients can find you, and navigate your site with ease! Therefore, make sure it is properly mobilized and loads quickly. With more and more searches being done on smartphones, it’s important to have it optimized for it, a few things deter a prospective lead more than a buggy website.

In the same vein, eliminate plugins if they slow down the website, as they may be nice and stylish, but likely offer little in terms of functionality. Google’s data shows that any page that takes longer than 3 secs to load has a 50% abandonment rate. Don’t let your page lose all those potential leads.

Create Great Content

Perhaps this one is a little obvious, but it remains important nonetheless. Great content is vital for succeeding, and with a well-managed blog and informative, relevant wording on your site, you will be framing yourself in the best light as a well-informed firm that has the answers to your questions.

In this case, relevance is king. Creating specific pieces such as “What happens to my license if I get a DUI?” or “Will losing my job impact my child support?” will have you rank for those questions, and provide answers that will have them wonder more about choosing you.

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