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3 Mistakes to Avoid in SEO

Implementing SEO to your marketing can sometimes feel like a juggling act. There are many moving parts, so along the way be sure to check that you’re keeping up with your surroundings. More often than not, marketers will graze over certain aspects of SEO. This can lead to optimizing for the wrong content, lower rankings, and ultimately making your company harder to find on Google. Continue reading to discover 3 mistakes to avoid that could jeopardize your SEO

1. Optimizing for Incorrect Keywords 

Utilize Google Search Console with every post or piece of content you have in mind. GSC will keep you up-to-date on the latest queries, which is just another technical term for keywords. If you are using keywords that were once at the top of your GSC, but have not been back to check the most recent, this could lead to optimization for the wrong term. Another metric to identify when optimizing for keywords is to be sure that you are not focusing too many resources on broad keywords. To avoid optimizing for the wrong keywords, be sure to frequently view GSC’s Performance page and identify the keywords that will help users find your site easily. 

2. Forgetting to Check Google Analytics 

Google Analytics focuses more so on the audience point of view. This allows GA to examine the data relevant to the program and is crucial to identifying where your website needs more attention. Some of the following aspects of GA that can be identified are your bounce rate, traffic flow, and conversions. GA makes numbers less intimidating by breaking down the metrics for any SEO specialist to understand. That being said, be sure to check your GA often as it will likely tell you where and what you need to optimize better for.

3. Not Including Internal Links

Internal links are a significant way to get traffic from one page on your site to another instantly. By incorporating internal links, you are able to provide another source of information for users that are already on your site. Internal links are the source of benefits to your site, as they provide clear routes to conversion pages, they spread authority to pages that are deep beneath your site, they are an additional source for users to read and interact with on your site, they assist in organizing your pages categorically by keyword-optimized anchor text, and they also allow you to easily communicate your most important pages to the crawlers of search engines.

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