3 Keyword Research Tactics to Help Improve Search Rankings

Choosing the right keywords for your website can feel daunting when your SEO performance and your website traffic depend on it.

How should you approach keyword research for your website to help you get the ranking results you desire?  Here are three things to focus on and consider.
Focus on your competitive keywords

One of the best ways to understand what keywords you want to rank for is to focus your efforts on not only on what you want to rank for, but what your competitors are ranking for.
Identify high opportunity keywords based on your closest competitors’ keywords that are different than yours.
When you’re researching your competition’s performance, some things to consider include:

  • Sites getting traffic for the same keyword
  • How frequent users are searching for the keyword you want to rank for
  • Estimate the difficulty of ranking for a keyword

Focus on low-competition keywords

Once you know your competitive keywords, your next step is to focus your search on relevant, but low-completion keywords.  Otherwise known as long-tail keywords, these are the kinds of keywords you want to focus on that are more geared toward a user’s potential query.
More specific keyword searches make it easy for you to craft your content focused on search intent, which will be rewarded with more organic traffic to your website.
Focus on keywords already driving to your site

SEO doesn’t have to be a guessing game.  When you already started on your SEO campaign, you probably had a game plan of at least five of your top keywords you wanted to rank for.
Don’t forget to take advantage of keywords that are already bringing traffic to your website.  Maximize your SEO benefits by adding more value to your proven search success.



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