3 Key Marketing Strategies for Hashtags

#Hashtag and why you should use it in SEOHashtags are everywhere on the internet. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Google+ use hashtags for content reach, targeting a specific market, brand recognition/promotion and improving overall SEO results.

Here are 3 key marketing strategies for using #hashtags:

  1. Content
    • These types of hashtags are used to relate to your post. They do not necessarily promote your brand or business, however, they are used to help improve your SEO results. Examples of content hashtags are locations, products and events.
  2. Popular and Trending
    • Trending hashtags are exactly just that. They are popular topics that the internet is talking about, meaning your post is more likely to be found. When you see a topic trending that is related to your business – make a content update, and include the hashtag! It is important that you do not use a trending hashtag if the tag has nothing to do with your post. This is considered spam and it’s more likely your account will be suspended because of it.
  3. Brand specific
    • Brand specific hashtags are tags that you create for your own business. This can be a short tagline created to market your brand and promotions.

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