3 Important Elements of SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an overarching aspect of organic growth that involves a variety of different elements. While it may seem like there are a lot of moving parts, these elements come together to help increase the overall reach of your business on an organic level. In this blog, we will review a few different elements of SEO, and provide greater detail on how to utilize these tips. For insight on Paid Ads, please click here!


Internal Links

  • Internal links are essentially links that already exist on your website but can be utilized throughout your website on pages and posts to interlink pages, and further, connect content and pages within your website. These tactics are not only beneficial for your SEO, as it helps to improve average session duration and page views per session on your site, decrease the bounce rate, and ultimately help users find more information that they may be looking for or are interested in

Backlinks & Linkbuilding

  • Backlinks refer to an external URL from one website that leads back to yours. They are a crucial part of SEO as they were such an important factor that years ago, many websites tried to
  • Outbound links can be any links that are designed to take a user somewhere else on the web. Primarily this action will take a user to a new page away from the initial website visited. This can help increase the power of your page by linking to resourceful and reliable pages and can be even more beneficial when they provide a backlink to your site as well.

Backlinks and outbound links are a great way to show that your content is not only relevant but utilized by a variety of platforms. If Search Engines can see that many websites use your link as a backlink, it can increase your presence based on user interaction and reliability.

Product/Service Pages

As a business or service provider, it is imperative that you are shining a light on the most important aspect of your business, the aspect that brings in business! No matter the product/service/ service area/ range of service it is important to build out pages that are dedicated to the bread and butter of your business. If you provide catering services to a region or area, build a page to promote those services, if you do select services in specific towns, build a page that promotes the area and services rendered. This will not only increase the relevancy of these pages based on the user query but will help search engines provide more targeted results for people searching in said area. By optimizing these pages you are providing clients with immediate information on how & where you do business, which can lead to more conversions, and increased web traffic.

Website Security

With the rise of internet hacking, a secure website will not only help increase trust in your website but will also help increase SERPs, as search engines will score your site as more reliable. When it comes to website security, the best method of securing your website is going to be via Secure Socket Layers. These SSL certificates have built-in encryption keys that help secure your website, but also any private customer information. However, there are a variety of different SSLs, The difference is their requirements and distinct characteristics.

Helping Your Business Get Found Online

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