3 Google Local Little Known Facts

Many know that claiming your Google Local Listings is one of the most important steps in beginning SEO for your site. Completely filling out all of the information in your profile will help take full advantage of your listing. Here a few facts that many business fail to take advantage of:

Doctors, Dentists, Physicians

If you are a Doctor, Dentist or Physician you can claim listings at your primary business location and any hospital or medical center where you perform medical services. Many people search for a doctor’s name rather than a specific business name and Google Places is a great way to brand yourself in that sense. Additionally, you will have multiple, accurate listings on Google as well which can help expand your service area.

Locations in Malls or within another store

If your business is located within a mall or inside another store within the name of your business field you can include the location in parentheses such as “Dunkin Donuts (Inside Stop & Shop).”

Make use of Address 2

The Address 2 field is often unused unless the business has a suite number or similar layout. Take advantage of address 2 by filling in the field with cross streets, routes, or even shopping plazas where your business is located. Some examples could be “at Wood Road,” “Route 9 West” or “Derby Street Shoppes.”

By Jeffrey Pucko

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