3 Examples of Off-Page SEO and Why They’re Important for Website Optimization

On-Page vs. Off-Page SEO–What’s the Difference?

Both on-page and off-page SEO is essential for website optimization. On-page SEO deals with everything on your website–your content, internal linking, page titles, meta descriptions, etc. It shows what your company or brand is all about when users click on your website. On-page SEO gives you more control over how searchers view your website; However, that should not stray away from the importance of off-page SEO. Off-page SEO is everything outside of your website–social media pages, backlinks, reviews, and more. It shows how credible and valuable your website is to potential users. Off-page SEO may seem less straightforward than on-page SEO, but continue reading to learn more about off-page SEO tactics. 

Examples of Off-Page SEO tactics

Social Media

Social Media is an important part of the off-page SEO strategy that you probably already do for your business. Whether you use Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or any other social media platform, social media marketing is more in your control and can connect your business to thousands of users online. Your social media page can give searchers a deeper look into your business that can help you gain more traffic to your website and, eventually, more clients. Since social media makes it easier to connect with potential clients, it also facilitates networking with other businesses. 


Backlinking is when other relevant websites have links that track back to your website. Backlinking is the most important tactic of off-page SEO because search engines use backlinks as a means to rank how relevant and significant your website is. The more influence a link has, the higher its value which will also impact your website. For example, If CNN links your website on theirs, this will give you more value to search engines than if an unfamiliar business links your website. Therefore, when building a strategy for backlinks, prioritize relevant and influential links. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing can be another off-page SEO tactic that includes newsletters, discounts, and more. Email marketing is a great way to gain additional traffic to your website through backlinks, as well as keep your audience in the loop with the business. Newsletters can keep clients up to date along with providing relevant information for engage

ent. This will help build customer relationships, which in turn can lead to new customers through recommendations and reviews. 

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