3 C’s of Instagram for Business: Content, Consistency, Creativity

3 C’s of Instagram for Business: Content, Consistency, Creativity

Since its emergence, Instagram has been growing into an extremely prominent social platform. With the rising popularity of Instagram Stories and expansion of advertising opportunities, Instagram for Businesses is becoming a great place to build your brand, reach desired segments and boost results.


Content Strategy

Begin with a well thought out content strategy and consider the aspects such as timing, theme, style, and engagements. As it goes for timing, try to maintain a regular posting schedule. Be thoughtful about how often you post to remain relevant but not overwhelming. Experiment with different schedules and times, track the engagement to determine what works best. When it comes to content theme, get creative and think about what really engages your audience and retains their attention. Contests, stories, before/after, #tbt and other types of consistent posts can capture your followers’ interest. As it pertains to style, consider the brand’s tone. Instagram is all about visual aesthetics, so make sure all the images you post consistent and distinct in their visual style. Same goes for descriptions, use of hashtags and emojis. Lastly, we don’t want to forget about engagement. Decide how your business account will interact with other accounts on Instagram, in terms of liking, commenting and replying to comments.



Industry studies show that approximately 60% of top brands tend to use the same Instagram filter nearly every time they post. As mentioned before, this type of commitment makes the brand image more recognizable to the followers. Make use of image editing apps to help establish your own style.



Aside from posting the images or videos revolving around your products, services or industry, you are not limited by the lifestyle content you’d like to upload. Branded hashtags can be a beneficial addition if you’d like the community to share their experiences. Get creative with the captions and stay true to your audience and cater to their expectations.

Julia Patskan
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