3 Crazy Myths About SEO Link Building Explained

SEO linking is not always the most obvious work done on a website and neither it has been talked as much as page title and descriptions, and blog posts. However, link building is still an important factor in Google rankings. So, here are three link building myths explained.

  1. Links from Listings Are a Bad Idea- When the word listing is mentioned, most people could probably name popular sites like Yellow Pages and Angie’s List. Other less known listings sites might be associated with scams. However, did you know there are many reliable listings sites out there for you to put your business information in for free. Many of them might entice you to pay an extra fee for “more” presence on search engines, however, most of them are free for you to put your business information including your website address on their website. Thus, it creates a back link from the listing site to your own website and we all know how important backlinks are to a business’ ranking on search engines.
  2. You Should Say No to Websites Constantly Linking You- Many people have the idea of diversity of linking domains rooted to their brains and refuse to accept just the same site linking them. It might be true for SEO purposes that it is better to have more distinct domains linking them, however, what if you are a small business in the Boston area? If that is the case, you should not refuse the same site that is constantly linking you, especially from an established source like a newspaper agency.
  3. Links that Has No Relevance to Your Website is Useless- Really? Really NOT, many people might have the misconception about Google wants to see some relevance between your site and the site that linked you. However, if the link is coming from a reputable source, the robots of Google is going to index that rank it well.

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