3 Common Types of SSL Certificates

It’s no secret anymore that Google is ranking websites with HTTPS higher in search results than those with HTTP. The reason for this move is to tell users that the website they’re visiting is safe — and safety these days is important. When you move from HTTP to HTTPS, you must purchase an SSL certificate. However, not all SSL certificates are created equal.

Below are three common types of certificates you’ll find across the web.

  1. Domain-Validated SSL Certificate. Also known as a low assurance certificate, this type of SSL certificate is the least widely used out of all of your options. Under this security measure, you’re ensured that the domain name you’re visiting is registered appropriately and that the administrator approves the request for you to visit a page. This type of certificate is only good for internal systems only.
  2. Organization-Validated SSL Certificate. Also known as a high assurance certificate, this type of SSL certificate requires a real agent to confirm they own a specific domain. It also requires that, while acquiring the certificate, you input company or organization information such as name, address and phone number. You need to make sure that you have documentation to confirm you are an affiliate with the company.
  3. EV SSL Certificate. Also known as an extended validation certificate, this is a newer type of SSL Certificate that requires extensive validation requirements. While setting this up, the business owner must be sure that they can provide business identification and other information as proof of domain ownership. This is the most widely used form of SSL certificates available and, once completed, your domain will show a green padlock telling users that this site is secure.

If you’re having trouble securing your website or would like to boost your rankings through the use of an SSL Certificate, contact a full service SEO company.

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