3 Basic SEO Tools To Have On Your Website


So you own a business and want to make sure you are getting the most out of your website? Take these 3 actions today to see where you stand.

Install Google Analytics:



Google Analytics is an SEOs best friend. Analytics is a platform that lets you track users, website sessions, page views, and more. If a company doesn’t have Google Analytics already installed, it’s one of the first things we do to their site. After all, you can’t track and improve on what you can’t see. Google Analytics will give you the insights on the behavior of users on your site. Once you start analyzing the behavior of your visitors you can make the proper adjustments to your site.  Other things you can track in Google Analytics include tracking where your visitors are located geographically, seeing how many users are on your site in real time, and seeing what other sites are sending visitors to your site.


Verify your site within Google Search Console:



If installing Google Analytics is your first step, verifying your site within Google Search Console is your second step. On Google Search Console you can interact with Google directly and make sure there are no problems for bots crawling your site. This is where you install your sitemap.xml and robots.txt file.  Other things you can do on Google Search Console include checking for links to your site and seeing how mobile friendly your site is.


Install Conversion Tracking:


When it comes to digital marketing, if you cant track  it, it might as well not of happened in the first place. You should be able to track the number of phone calls your website generates as well as how many contact forms you are getting. You can do this by creating “goals” within Google Analytics.

These three actions will get the ball rolling for you to analyze your sites performance and improve on it. The capabilities described are just scratching the surface of Google Analytics and Search Console. Want to outsource all of this? Call us today and well will audit your website to see what we can improve on.

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