3 Bad SEO Habits to Leave Behind in 2018

Now that 2017 is in everyone’s rearview mirror, it’s time to face 2018 with a fresh perspective. This means that all of those bad SEO habits you had last year should be nipped in the bud this year. Hit 2018 with a good stride and toss those habits over your shoulder. With so much going on after all the holiday festivities, let’s go over some practices you should definitely kick to the curb.

1.) Not Fixing Harmful Technical Problems

Most websites have some sort of issue that hinders their overall SEO performance. You can add content and plug in links all you’d like, but if there are underlying technical issues present on your site then rankings can still be impacted. Some of the most common technical problems include slow load times, mobile errors, improper redirects, duplicate content, etc. If you can get on top of these problems in 2018, you’ll be golden.

2.) Using Keyword Rankings as Your Main Measure for Success

Keywords don’t always paint the full SEO picture. Internet users utilize a wide array of searches and queries to find both answers and products, so you cannot narrow everything down to keywords. Some other things to look at are the types of traffic you’re getting, what conversions, and to find out just how people are engaging with your company and brand. Obviously, you should not be ignoring keyword rankings entirely but it’s smart to take a step back and analyze bigger parts of the picture.

3.) Trucking Along like SEO Never Changes

It is advice given time and again, yet we always find ourselves repeating it for those in the back who might not have heard us. It’s also good for those new to the SEO field to hear as well. But, as an SEO it’s your job to stay up to date on best practices, algorithm changes, and webmaster guidelines. Failing to do this will negatively impact your SEO efforts and likely not keep clients very happy. SEO is a field that is consistently shifting. There’s always a new way to get something done, and ignoring that will simply leave you treading water. If you can adapt along with the changes, you’re set.


Kiss 2017 goodbye and welcome 2018 with open arms. Just make sure those arms are willing to make good work changes! Try and read up, at least once a week, on the latest SEO news to keep yourself in the know. Here’s to a good 2018!

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