3 AdWords Habits You Should Avoid

Now that it’s 2018, it’s time to drop your old AdWords habits from last year. With Google constantly changing and major shifts rapidly occurring in the PPC  world, you need to start making some major adjustments to your campaign if you haven’t done so already.

1. Ads Set to Rotate Indefinitely

People who have experience managing AdWords love to test their ads to improve results and see which one performs the best. In Google AdWords, the setting is known as “rotate indefinitely” and Google, however, notes that it is “not recommended for most advertisers.”
Google notes that because there is often no follow-through after the setting has occurred. Instead, the setting is permanently left on. This caused lower quality ads to be shown instead of showing more higher performing ads.
If you really want to run a test, schedule the campaign to end at a certain time.

2. Ads Not Set to Targeted Market

You can check what kind of setting you are using by going to Settings -> All Settings -> Locations Options (advanced). If you see clicks from outside the geo-targeted location, you should change your setting to only people in your targeted locations.

3. Using the Search Query Tool Incorrectly

The search term report is often a great source for finding the right keywords to target as well as generating negative keywords.
Google would recommend adding negative keywords in exact match format, however, if you would like to completely exclude the keywords you don’t want to target, you should change the keywords to the broad match format.




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