2020 SEO Trends To Know Part 2

It’s time for part two of the top trends to look out for in the world of SEO for 2020!

Structured Data

Structured data is critical to providing context to algorithms, especially as they are updated over time. Structured data highlights the critical aspects of each piece of content, including contact information, topic and service area and helps populate in search results for specific search terms. Structured data markups, or data highlighters, are constantly being improved or updated and it is critical to go through your content regularly to make sure the right parts of being included. However, if you using structured data improperly, you may be more likely to receive manual penalties from Google and other search engines as we move into 2020.

Optimizing Your Knowledge Graph in Google My Business

Your business is considered an entity, which is a critical part of your local SEO efforts. One of the biggest (and free!) tools you have at your disposal is your Google My Business account and Knowledge Panel. Making sure your profile is completely filled out with relevant information including location, service area, types of services and hours will help search bots index your content and determine its place in search rankings. In the upcoming year, internal links will become more critical to building out your Knowledge Graph, and filling out your website and presence with expert information and reports will help build your case as an online entity.

Building Your Link & Brand

There are three main types of content to focus on in order to build backlinks for your customers in 2020, including:

  • Planned Editorials: content that is covered every year at specific points, such as preventing ice dams in your roof, getting a flu shot or making a dinner reservation for Valentine’s Day.
  • Planned Reactive Editorial: content that is connected to a seasonal event or promotion, but the exact details are unknown until closer to the date it goes out. This can include Black Friday promotions or summer sales.
  • Reactive editorial: an unplanned piece of content that focuses on more unpredictable areas of your business, such as a new use for your services or a new product you are offering.

Link building can also be used to help build your brand through the year, working with potential partners on cross-promotional events or reviews to build your value and authority in the field. Make sure you pick opportunities that can lead to web traffic and conversions as well as visibility.

Improving Your Visibility

Zero-click searches are increasing in popularity, and building up your optimization on SERPs will become more important to your online success. In addition to using newer, more updated markups on your content, you should be optimizing for featured snippets and appearing on the sidebar as the Knowledge Graph.

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