2016 Social Media Trends

With each year more and more social media platforms appear along with new social media trends. These platforms create more ways for businesses to interact with their customers and grow their business. However, it can be difficult with any business to stay ahead and see what new trends are emerging. Here are a few trends that you may see growing in 2016:

  • Live-streaming: The app, Periscope, which debuted in 2015 allows their users to update live video broadcast of their activities. Other apps like Snapchat and Instagram are already apart of the “in the moment update” option. This trend will let your consumers be aware of who you are and a look into your brand.
  • Buy Buttons: In 2015, Facebook & Pinterest introduced a buy button on their platforms for users and advertisers. Consumers can simply purchase whatever they see on social media by clicking a button. This trend may cause a chain reaction for other social media platforms to add buy buttons and quickly flourish.
  • Channel Building: Instead of simply copy and pasting the same content over all of your social media platforms, it will soon be important to create specific content for a range of different customers. Unique content should be created for all social media channels to appeal to consumers.

In 2016, new social media platforms and trends will quickly emerge, it will be beneficial to adapt to these changes. Social media is a large influence in the PR world, it’s important for businesses with any social media platform to stay update & be open to change.


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