Month: October 2015

Crisis Management

A crisis can be defined as any situation that is threatening or could threaten to harm people or property, seriously interrupt business, significantly damage the reputation and/or negatively impact the bottom line. No industry or organization is immune to a crisis so it is important for a company to always be looking forward, and preparing …

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Will Social Media Eventually Take over Email Marketing?

While it is heavily debated as to whether or not social media will take over email marketing, depending upon your personal approach and preference of your audience, this question could be answered both ways. Some businesses find that it is more beneficial to financially invest in email marketing services than in social media promotions and advertisements. Sure, the …

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Google Tackles Hacked Spam

Google recently updated their search algorithm so that hacked spam would be purged from search results. Google is aggressively tackling hacked spam to protect users and webmasters. The problem stems from legitimate sites that are being hacked and getting abuse from spammers after unknowingly downloading malware and endorsing traffic to low-quality websites such as pornographic …

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The Power of SEO

In this blog post, we will discuss how SEO works to help get your business found higher on Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines.  Web marketing no longer involves simple keyword research and strategies in the hope that search engines will select your business to dominate results.  Additionally, our understanding of search engine optimization (SEO) …

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What is Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI)?

With regards to keywords, AdWords users have several tools at their disposal. Broad Match, Broad Match Modifier, Phrase Match, Exact Match and Negative Keywords are all ways that advertisers can more specifically reach their target market. Reaching potential customers who are searching for the products and services your business offers is especially important for niche …

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7 Ways to Achieve Good PR

Not all PR is created equal. Unfortunately for many businesses, they may not realize the difference between good and bad PR; they will simply fork over a check after hearing a promise that their PR company will extend their outreach to new customers. But businesses owe it to themselves and their new and existing customers to publish good PR. Below …

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How Can Facebook’s New Profile Video Impact User Experience?

Yesterday, Facebook unveiled a handful of new feature and updates to Facebook Profiles. One update that stands out the most is a new mobile-friendly feature that replace the iconic Facebook profile picture in exchange for a looping video clip that will play every time someone visits your profile. The new profile video will allow users …

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True or False: PR Style

True! Boston Web Marketing is an established Public Relations agency offering businesses and individuals with high-quality practices that will bring your websites to the top ranks of search engines. We are a full-service web marketing company that offers search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media optimization and website design. All You Need is PR …

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